TRIAD Grantees,

My name is Travis Rutledge and I am the graduate research assistant with the RGK Center of Philanthropy and Community Service. I would like to thank you all for the great conversations I have had regarding you and your respective organizations. It has been a pleasure getting to know you all.

One of the common challenges voiced during our discussions was in regards to fundraising. Specifically, as the nonprofit sector continues to grow, it is becoming more challenging to set yourself apart and find donors. With these challenges in mind, I have two resources that could prove useful to you:

1) TedTalk: "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" - In this 18 minute video, Mr. Simon Sinek shows us why Apple was able to distinguish itself from Dell and IBM.  The pointers that he offers provide a convincing format to organize presentations about your organizations.  It's an upbeat, enjoyable watch. 

2) "Brands and Branding" by Douglas B. Holt - particularly, reference pages 7-11 to see how to design and implement a branding strategy.

Additionally, to encourage a discussion amongst ourselves, consider the following questions. Feel free to comment below and share any ideas or thoughts you have.

*What have you done in the past to set your organization apart that has worked?

*What have you done in the past to set your organization apart that has not worked?