Social Media and Non-Profits: Fund-Raising and Friend-Raising

 Social media is an ever-growing opportunity for nonprofit organizations to market their brand, create awareness for particular issues, and solicit donations. The following resources are available to give you examples of effective social media activities, provide information on social media policy, and offer the best practices for effective social media use by nonprofit organizations.   

 Best Practices:


ROI (Return on Investment) Calculators for Social Media:

Building your Online/Social Media Strategy:


  • Using Negative Feedback to Your Advantage - Responding to criticism can be difficult – Jessica Sodoway outlines some key ideas to re-gain confidence and control online when faced with negative feedback. 

Examples and Case Studies:

Find Volunteers or Pro-Bono Assistance:

  • Virtual Volunteering Resources – Service Leader offers several resources, strategies and examples of managing and developing virtual volunteers
  • Volunteer help for your Website - Here are some thoughts on how to find and manage website volunteers.
  • - You can use craigslist to post job descriptions for volunteers or volunteer opportunities
  • Executives in Action - Executives in Action builds the community by strengthening other nonprofit organizations. To achieve this mission, Executives in Action engages experienced leaders from the business sector as pro bono consultants to charitable agencies that could not otherwise access such talent.

Metrics and Monitoring:

Servers and Hosts:

Social Media Policy:

Technical Assistance/Tips:

Working with your Staff and Volunteers:

  • Managing Resistance  - Staff and volunteers may have some trouble getting used to social media or web-based work. This article outlines some common complaints – as well as conversations to have to move your staff/volunteers forward.
  • Tips for Giving Social Media Projects to Interns - If you are thinking about giving a social media project to an intern or a new employee who is a recent college grad, keep these four tips in mind.