"Thank You" Video

One great way to engage your donors is to create a 2-5 minute “thank you” video for them.  These videos can be emailed to donors as well as posted on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.  “Thank You” videos serve as an opportunity to thank your donors, publically recognize them through social media, and promote your organization to potential supporters.  With today’s technology, creating your own video is cheaper and easier than ever before.  The majority of smartphones are now capable of creating HD (high definition) video content, and video-editing software is readily available on most computers. 


Example "Thank You" Videos

8 Nonprofit “Thank You” Videos 

Austin Capital Area Food Bank Video

ReWork Video


Three Steps to Making a Video:

1) Acquire a video recorder

                  - Do you have a smartphone?  See if it can shoot video in HD. 

                  - Don’t have a smartphone?  Try a Sony Bloggie Touch for $100, a Pansonic TA-1 for $100, or a FLIP recorder for $130.


2) Acquire video editing software

                  - If you have a Mac computer, see if you have iMovie.  This is what I personally use to