Sell the Program Inside Your Organization

Tips from the field:

  • create cross-organizational / cross-functional teams and advisory groups that involve staff in program planning, decision-making, policies and development
  • get on the agenda of new staff orientations
  • integrate volunteer management topics into the general staff training calendar
  • empower other staff to recruit, train, evaluate and supervise volunteers
  • initiate an employee volunteer program
  • get a line item assigned to you in the agency's budget
  • make sure that your program is included in the annual report
  • know who staff listen to and involve that person (or a representative of that group) in promotion of the volunteer program
  • be proactive in responding to perceived and 'real' barriers to volunteerism (such as lack of space and people's ideas of what volunteers can do)
  • gather and disseminate success stories
  • advertise the activities of volunteers in visible locations such as the bulletin board at the entrance to your building and your organization's newsletter
  • drop-in on volunteers at remote locations, so that the programs they work with associate you with the volunteers
  • recognize daily the staff who work with your volunteer program
  • place volunteers in strategically "visible" or "high-status" positions with assignments that matter
  • start small and play on your strengths - build your program slowly and begin by working with employees who are already supportive of volunteers and volunteerism