Volunteer resource management: What is it and how is it done?

Whether you are the chairperson of a committee organizing a Junior Achievement program for your child’s school, a religious leader looking for more effective ways to engage your congregation, the newly appointed director of volunteers for a nonprofit organization, or a concerned citizen eager to promote a neighborhood watch organization, the Volunteer Management Program Cycle© provides a framework to organize your thinking and structure your work with volunteers.

This framework will help you to think more strategically and holistically about the work of managing volunteers. Starting with “Engaging the Community,” you can follow the steps involved with effective volunteer management in a linear fashion, or you may want to start with the topic that most concerns you. You will find information and tools for each area of program management.

As a University sponsored website, we are also pleased to bring you papers written by graduate students enrolled in volunteer management course work. These papers will be clearly marked as student-based research and will appear in locations most closely connected to the subject matter in question. A full listing of these papers also appears “Instructors and Thought Leaders” section.