Recognizing Volunteers

Perhaps nothing captures the essence or significance of recognition more succinctly than the comment of an executive director of an organization almost entirely comprised of volunteers when he said: “I lay awake at night thinking of what else I can do to tell my volunteers know how important they are to me and to our organization!”

Recognition is an attitude of gratitude – it is finding small ways and large ways to tell volunteers how important they are to the success of your organization and thanking them for the work that they do. Recognition includes remembering a person’s name, introducing him or her to visitors, special events designed to say thank you, reimbursement for expenses, training opportunities, notes of appreciation. Individualize recognition, say thank you frequently and make the way you thank a person appropriate to the person being thanked.

  • Volunteer Recognition Ideas from Energize, Inc.
    Susan Ellis compiles "Success Stories" from other organizations, a "Gift Bazaar" index of vendors, and a list of "Special Days/Awards" all over the world for volunteers, from National Volunteer Week to Make A Difference Day.
  • The Radio Hour
    By Arlene Grubbs and Evelyn Levine, from the Volunteer Recognition Skit Kit