Within the nonprofit community, branding is often overlooked as a component to achieving success. Moreover, many people’s perception of branding solely includes the development of a new logo. Foundationally, the purpose of a nonprofit’s brand is simple – to ensure the organization’s mission is known, understood, and ultimately accomplished. The following resources are available for you to understand the idea of branding and the strategies involved into successfully branding your own organization: 


  • The Tricky Business of Nonprofit Brands  -  John A. Quelch: This article from the Harvard Business School outlines a discussion regarding the challenges of non-profit and cause branding, as well as includes a case example regarding the American Red Cross. 
  • TedTalk: "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" - In this 18 minute video, Mr. Simon Sinek describes the importance of capturing a message that speaks to the 'why,' not just the 'what' of the work we do.  Sinek captures the importance of a well articulated message and provides some very detailed guidance that may assist you in presenting your cause to a funder.