Many online volunteers take on database-related tasks for their organization. The following resources assist with these types of tasks:

  • Basic Customer Database Principles
    What information should an organization track about donors, volunteers, clients, community members, and potential audiences? Who should be in charge of the database? What about security? This is basic information about database management for not-for-profit and public sector organizations, presented in lay terms.
  • Customer Database Regular Maintenance
    A database is only as valuable as the quality of information in it. How do you maintain that quality?
  • Importing Information Into a Database
    Just because your fund raising consultant uses a Macintosh and you use WindowsXP, or just because she uses one kind of database program and you use another, doesn't mean you can't import information from her database -- or just about any other database -- into your own.
  • How To Support Your Computer and Internet Systems
    How does a not-for-profit organization or public sector agency with limited resources support their computer and Internet systems? Who solves problems? Who evaluates the system and suggests when or when not to upgrade? Who identifies training needs of the staff? Here are a few suggestions.
  • Index of Software and Software Advice for Not-For-Profit and Public Sector Organizatons
    Links to Web sites that feature demos, advice, and links to other sites to help you choose and use a variety of software.
  • Free Help With Databases & Software
    In addition to tutorials and printed support material that came with your database software package, companies often provide free online bulletin boards, Web sites and automated fax libraries where users can get more specific or updated answers for database questions. There are also Internet discussion groups centered around discussing the use of particular types of database packages. Participants in the groups are the software's users, and often are advanced users.